How to listen

To listen, simply search or browse to the station you want to listen to, then click on the play button.

Supported browsers

Latest or most widely used version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge.

Audio randomly stops playing

If the audio stops and starts unexpectedly, it is most likely due to poor internet connection. Please check your internet connection. A broadband connection with at least 128 Kbps is required for the best listening experience.

No audio

Not all Radio Stations broadcast 24 hours per day. The radio stations arranged their broadcast hours and programme schedule to suit the Nigeria Time Zone, (GMT+1). Please check programme schedule for broadcast hours. Some stations can only serve a limited number of people at one time and if capacity is exceeded you may not be able to access the live stream. So please come back to listen later.

Get Nigradio App

If you use an Android device, we recommend you install the Nigradio app from the Google Play Store. It will significantly make listening to your favorite stations easier.


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